Cancer information and support resources

  • PMP Pals – Pseudomyxoma Peritonei/Appendiceal Cancer Network - Resources, Referrals and Support for Patients with Rare Intestinal Cancers, Appendiceal Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei
  • MARF - Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
  • Cancer Net - A very good site for disease / treatment information from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Cancer Supportive Care - The Cancer Supportive Care Programs - For Total Patient Care. Based on the book, Cancer Supportive Care by Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD & Isadora R. Rosenbaum, MA, Somerville House Publishing, Toronto, 1998
  • CenterWatch - A list of >1000 clinical trials with profiles of centers conducting clinical research, newly approved therapies, background of clinical research and a helpful patient notification service.
  • NCCS Guide to Cancer Resources: - A Guide to Cancer Research on the Internet, courtesy of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. The purpose of this guide is to assist those not experienced in finding sources on the internet.
  • NORD - National Organization of Rare Diseases. Information about both rare / orphan diseases and not-so-rare diseases.
  • Mesothelioma Cancer - Helping to bring Hope, Faith and Action when Navigating through Mesothelioma
  • Further Info on Mesothelioma Cancer - Detailed information on Symptoms, Treatment options and support.
  • The Insurance Warrior - The website offers answers to your insurance questions, and the book explains -- step by step -- how to work with your health insurer to ensure that your treatment is covered.