Foundation for Applied Research in Gastrointestinal Oncology (FARGO)

The Foundation for Applied Research in Gastrointestinal Oncology (FARGO) is a unique organization with a well-defined mission. We are pledged to promote clinical and laboratory research in gastrointestinal cancer. Research in gastrointestinal cancer has been largely neglected in the past because of the slow progress in this field. Recent breakthroughs suggest that rapid advancement can be achieved with careful and innovative research efforts.

FARGO is a not-for-profit organization with research laboratories and clinical facilities located on the Washington Hospital Center campus. As a not-for-profit organization we rely on the generosity of corporate, foundation and individual donors to further our research.

The FARGO Mission

  1. To maintain and enhance a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer. This includes the prevention and treatment of peritoneal metastases and the prevention and treatment of liver metastases.  The proper combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hyperthermia are a priority for these efforts.
  2. To provide the general public with information about the needs for clinical and basic science research in gastrointestinal cancer.
  3. To provide the general public with information about the needs of patients with gastrointestinal cancer.
  4. To provide an international meeting place for clinicians and researchers to improve treatment options to prevent peritoneal metastases and improve the outcomes of gastrointestinal cancer patients.

FARGO Board Members and Officers

Paul H. Sugarbaker, MD – President (Washington, DC)

Neil Otchin, MD – Vice President (Bethesda, MD)

Dal Yoo, MD – Board Member (Potomac, MD)

Laurie Todd – Board Member (Kirkland, WA)

Renaldo Savady, MD – Secretary (Elkridge, MD)

Ilse A. Sugarbaker – Treasurer (Washington, DC)

Peter Lipresti – Counsel (Fairfax, VA)

Bart Lanman – Accountant (Rockville, MD)

For information about gastrointestinal cancer and peritoneal metastases, please contact FARGO at (202) 844-6061.

If you want to support this vital research, please send your donation to:

Paul H. Sugarbaker, MD
President, FARGO
3629 Fulton St. NW
Washington, DC  20007

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* IRS Section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation

*FARGO Tax Identification No. 52-1797893