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Sugarbaker Oncology Associates

106 Irving St., NW #3900 Washington, DC 20010
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Telephone: 202-877-3908
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Our Team

The team consists of the following Physicians and Allied Health Care professionals:

  • Dr. Paul H. Sugarbaker is the surgical oncologist who pioneered and continues to refine the effective combined treatment option.
  • Ilse Sugarbaker is the clinical coordinator. She is responsible for patients coming to clinic and surgery and that the patients are taken care of from the initial phone call to the evaluation by Dr. Sugarbaker, to the first clinic visit and, hopefully, to a successful, curative approach surgery.
  • Christina Marquardt is the Registered Nurse whose job is to get all of the CT scans ordered, schedule patients for their Admissions Testing Center appointments, submits the orders which go to the operating room with the patient. One of her most important jobs is to periodically make follow-up calls to accurately determine patients' survival/cure. This is a very important aspect as Dr. Sugarbaker likes to be able to tell new patients what their prognosis and their chances for survival are.
  • Dr. Renaldo Savady is the academic secretary whose job is to assist Dr. Sugarbaker in the preparation and submission of surgical manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals for publication.