Become a Patient

The Process of Becoming a Dr. Sugarbaker Patient:

Once you have contacted the office you will be asked to answer several initial questions:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your diagnosis

A brief history - when the diagnosis was made/ any previous abdominal surgeries/ other medical conditions, etc.

When the answers indicate that you might be a patient accepted by Dr. Sugarbaker, you will be asked to send the following information:

  • A recent CT scan on a CD with its report
  • Operative and Pathology reports of all prior surgical interventions
  • A history of your present illness

All of these need to be sent to:

Paul H. Sugarbaker, MD
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
106 Irving St., NW
POB North Tower Suite 3900
Washington, DC 20010

Once received, Dr. Sugarbaker will review the provided information and give his evaluation. This will be communicated to the patient or his/her designated spokesperson.

Then, if accepted, a Monday afternoon clinic appointment will be given. The meeting with Dr. Sugarbaker will take about an hour.

It entails:

  • A careful history
  • A physical examination
  • A question and answer period
  • A lengthy dictation by Dr. Sugarbaker in the presence of the patient and persons accompanying the patient