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Potential Breakthrough in the Surgical Management of Resectable Pancreatic Cancer and Gastric Cancer

Building on their vast experience with local-regional chemotherapy, Dr. Sugarbaker and his associates at MedStar Washington Hospital Center have developed an innovative new treatment plan utilizing heated intraoperative chemotherapy (HIPEC) and long-term adjuvant intraperitoneal chemotherapy for patients with pancreas cancer. This unique protocol brings together: (1) advanced surgical procedures, (2) hyperthermic chemotherapy, (3) long-term intraperitoneal Gemzar through an intraperitoneal port to improve outcomes in resectable pancreas cancer and gastric cancer.

This is a plan for patients with resectable pancreatic and gastric cancer.

This multimodality treatment is unique in that it targets all three sites of first treatment failure after pancreas or gastric cancer resection. Adequate prevention of peritoneal metastases and local recurrence, prevention of hepatic metastases and prevention of lymph nodal metastases are provided.

To learn more about this treatment, contact Paul Sugarbaker, MD at 202-877-3908.